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FIXT APP allows athletes to enter their injury questions, allowing you to know when athletes in your community need your help. You can then market yourself to these athletes and start building relationships with them by providing value. Marketing does not have to be posting on social media and hoping for the best any longer.

Product Features

  • The Ultimate Injury Stream

    Your feed will be full of injuries that you can help out with and prove once and for all that you are one of the best therapists in your community.

  • Comment and Collaborate

    Put your head together with other health care professionals to solve tough injury puzzles.

  • A New Way to Market Yourself

    Stop relying on email marketing to reach younger generations that hate opening emails. Reach them when they need you the most.

  • 1-On-1 Private Chat

    Have something of delicate nature? We support private chat so you and your future clients can build even stronger relationships.

  • Save Time

    Stop posting on social media and praying that injured athletes come across your profile. FIXT allows you to reach new clients, while making sure that you can help old clients between office visits.

  • Build Your Brand and Reputation

    Build your reputation by getting credit for the number of injuries you have FIXT.


Stand Out In Your Community

We know you have the skills to treat athletes and help them to perform better. Stop letting your competition beat you because they are better marketers. Let your skills shine by your ability to help athletes with their injuries. Athletes have a higher lifetime value because they are always pushing their bodies and getting injured. It is time you get rewarded for your knowledge.

Dominate Your Territory 

The first therapists in the app will get exclusive rights to the community until demand suggests the need for more. Don't wait and lose out on your community because you will have to wait to get in the app.

Prove You Can Be Trusted

Athletes turn to the FIXT APP community to know who they can trust. The body is the most important tool that an athlete has, they need to make sure it is in good hands.

Only Qualified Therapists Accepted

We screen applicants so that we are only choosing high quality therapists who really care to help their clients as much as they possibly can. Filling out an application is the first step to being a provider in the app.

Fixt is scheduled to release late 2017, so get your application in NOW!