Welcome to FIXT APP

FIXT connects injured athletes to the best therapists in their community. As Olympic athletes, We know how painful injuries can be to deal with both physically and mentally, and we want to help athletes get over them quicker.

We also know that great therapists are out there, and you want to focus on getting better at your craft. You don’t wish to spend all of your time trying to figure out how to be a better marketer. Fixt allows the best therapists to naturally rise to the top based on fixing injuries.


What to Expect?

Later in 2017, we will be releasing the first version of FIXT for iOS. If you give us your email and stay connected, we will constantly keep you up to date with our progress. The app is going to be like nothing you ever seen before. We believe that staying healthy should not be as hard as it is right now. Even the best athletes don’t know where to find therapists when they travel or move to a new city. You have high school athletes that don’t even know what a Chiropractor, or Physical Therapists is. The goal is to not just keep athletes healthy but raise increase the awareness of the entire sports medicine industry.


App Benefits for Therapists

– Save time acquiring new customers
– Improve customer retention by maintaining relationships with clients
– Stop wasting time on social media sites trying to find people who may be injured
– Build team of therapists so you can get referrals when athletes travel to your city
– Impress people with your knowledge of the human body

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23 Marketing Tips to Help Therapists Attract More Athletes


App Benefits For Athletes

– Build trust with therapists before you spend money
– Save time telling others about your injury history
– Stay healthy by spotting trends in your injury history
– Be an influencer by recommending and reviewing excellent therapists you have seen

FREE: Exclusive Course for Athletes

8 Keys to Help Any Athlete Stay Healthy

Lets Change The World!


We are going to break barriers in sports medicine and in insurance, but we can’t do it without you. If you beleive in what we believe and you think being healthy should be easier for all, get in touch with us. We would love to hear from you!