We Have Moved to KhoLabs.com

We have exciting news! We are no longer called Fixt. We changed our name to Kho, which means healing in the Hmong language. Our mission to make health care easier for athletes is still the same. We are just doing it with a fresh logo and a new name. A new name means that you need a new domain name, check our new site out at kholabs.com

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at ianw@kholabs.com and I would be happy to answer any of your questions.



How to Win Parents So They Bring Their Kids Back For Treatment

When dealing with athletes under the age of 18, you need to provide a good service but winning over parents can determine your success just as much. A kid can love you all they want, but if mom or dad are not a believers, chances are they will not be back. Here are some quick tips to keep parents brinding their kids back.


Education is Key

Make sure that parents understand everything that you are doing and why. This serves two major purposes:

  • You want them to understand that you know what you are doing
  • You want them to realize that they can’t do this on their own
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Don’t Be an Askhole

I love helping people out but there are just way too many ASKHOLES out there. Askholes make you not want to help anyone because you know you could just be wasting your time.

To make matters even worse, we have all been Askholes at some point. We all need to slap ourselves for being one at any point because it is pretty darn annoying. It is time for some ASKHOLE MANAGEMENT!

Unfortunately, the sporting world is rampant with them. There are many athletes who seek help with injuries and they have no intention of listening to anyone who is not going to say they can take a magic pill to be healthy.

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5 Things I Love About Being an Athletic Trainer

Guest Post Athletic Trainer Maria Rosanelli

So I have been in the athletic training world for 17 years now – WOW – I can’t believe it!  It all started with my undergrad internship that led to a position as an athletic training graduate assistant while working on my masters. Then working five years at two colleges and universities to where I’m at today, the high school setting, and I just finished my 7th year. There are many things I love about being an Athletic Trainer; somehow I was able to narrow it down to the five reasons below.

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Why Athletic Injuries Are So Rampant

I have come to the conclusion that athletic injuries are something that a lot of people in the sporting world don’t want to face. Coaches act like it isn’t true because it reflects on them, healthcare providers believe they do a great job because it makes them look good, and athletes are in denial so they can play. To be able to explain how I know this app will be successful it takes a real understanding of athletes and their mindset. Once you understand this, and you know health care, you will see the gap that many believe is filled.

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5 Things Therapists Can Do On Social Media to Attract Athletes

Since the beginning of FIXT and partnering with 9inePoint which is a marketing agency for sports and health businesses, we have noticed some trends. We get asked by therapists all of the time how we have been able to grow our social media seemingly so quickly as they struggle to build their social media. The social media for Fixt App began from scratch in January; the Instagram now has 18k + followers, the Snapchat averages 1800 views on story posts, and the Twitter has just under 2,000 followers. Here is how you can see some similar success and attract athletes to your business.

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What is Your “Why” Behind Working With Athletes?

The only way you can get anywhere worth going in life is to have a “why” that is greater than your problems. The issue is that sometimes you can develop a “why” that is so selfish that an athlete does not want treatment from you. I have seen therapists get so attached to athletes that it is like they are living their dreams through the athlete. I am going to explain the importance of your “why” and how it can grow or hurt your business.

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