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We have exciting news! We are no longer called Fixt. We changed our name to Kho, which means healing in the Hmong language. Our mission to make health care easier for athletes is still the same. We are just doing it with a fresh logo and a new name. A new name means that you need a new domain name, check our new site out at kholabs.com

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at ianw@kholabs.com and I would be happy to answer any of your questions.



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Knowing When Self-Rehab Is Not Enough

You’re in pain, and you want to look on the internet to see how to make it stop hurting. Problem is that nothing is really working. You search more, you try different tools, you dig in with your own hands but still nothing is working. The desire for someone to give you that magic treatment that will make all of your pain go away but truth is that it does not exist. You are on your foam roller for crazy amounts of hours every day, you ice bath and you stretch until you can’t anymore! Even with all of this, you are still in pain! Does this sound familiar, here is what the problem is and what you need to do?

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Some Great Ideas for Whole Body Stretches for Athletes


There was a time back in college when I was always dealing with injury after injury, and it was stressing me out. I was already stretching and foam rolling daily, but I was stretching as if every muscle was a separate galaxy that would never interact with any other tissue. The truth is that most people stretch this way, but muscles don’t operate on their own. For example, the hamstrings talk with the glutes, back, groin, and many other places in the body. You should be doing stretches that understand this complex system.

I strongly suggest that every athlete read “Anatomy Trains” because the book will help you visualize what your connected body looks like. As an athlete, it was the book that put it all together for me. I posted a video at the bottom of this page that will make more sense of these stretches. It will give you an accurate visual of how the body is connected. It will explain why when your achilles tendon hurts, you have to look at your feet and calves to understand what could be going on.

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Why Athletic Injuries Are So Rampant

I have come to the conclusion that athletic injuries are something that a lot of people in the sporting world don’t want to face. Coaches act like it isn’t true because it reflects on them, healthcare providers believe they do a great job because it makes them look good, and athletes are in denial so they can play. To be able to explain how I know this app will be successful it takes a real understanding of athletes and their mindset. Once you understand this, and you know health care, you will see the gap that many believe is filled.

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Values Athletes Should Expect From A Therapist

The quality of your Athletic Trainer can make or break you as an athlete. They give you hope that you can return to the sport you love. They give hope that this is only a minor setback for a major comeback. They give you the support that everything is going to be alright. What sucks is that a lot of athletes don’t get to experience this. It wasn’t until I tore my ACL my senior year in high school that I really understood the value Athletic Trainers brought to the table. Once I became a student-athlete in college, they became some of the best people I knew. Every student-trainer, GA, and full-time Athletic Trainer provided a value that helped me in my athletic career and beyond.

Here are three values some of the best Athletic Trainers, Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, and Chiropractors display.

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Fix My Injuries Quickly Please

Guest post by Athletic Trainer and Massage Therapist Emily Robinson @EmR0b on Twitter and Instagram. 

How does instant injury relief sound?

I am sure that had to get somebody’s attention… Feeling 100%? Who does not want that? And instantly? It is a dream come true for every athlete. The thought that all you have to say is, “Fix my injuries” and they are fixed!

My background

I’ll throw this out there right away; I’m no longer an athlete. While I occasionally pretend to take a couple of laps around the rec center, I’ve been out of competitive activities for years. And let’s be honest, I wasn’t very impressive when I was playing.

I’m sure some of you don’t know what traditional Athletic Trainers do so, in short, our job is to prevent, evaluate, treat and rehabilitate athletic related injuries.

I know most of you won’t believe me when I say I put in more hours than you do. Yes, it’s true. I’m required to report before practices start and naturally stay after practice. Of course, this all depends on the team’s schedule.

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What We Learned from The Injury Questions Athletes Ask


We have had over 1,000 questions sent to us through social media since January. They come to us through Twitter DM, Instagram DM, KIK, and email. Some of what I learned was shocking!

1. There are some awful Physical Therapists out there

I hate to go at PTs specifically, but when I get questions with really severe injuries, I always ask the athletes why they have not seen a professional. Eight times out of 10 they tell me they saw a PT that gave them HORRIBLE advice.

I think when injury strikes, people think of PTs, before Chiropractors, massage therapists, etc…

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